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Fresh Talent Here!

Posted on February 01, 2011
Capturing the action Capturing the action

One of the biggest challenges facing coaches at both the high school and college level is attracting new and promising players. Ask any coach of any sport, boys or girls, and they will tell you what a grind recruiting can be. The good news? Automatic Sports can help! Recently we began working with teams and athletic departments to create compelling and engaging videos that can be sent to potential players and their parents with the click of a mouse – putting your program foremost in a young man or woman’s mind when it comes to high school or college choice. We feel that not only are these videos a great way to explain and promote a program’s potential, but that they convey a feeling of emotion that can attract talent in a way that a phone call, visit, or letter simply cannot muster. Additionally, our marketing videos can be used to drum up alumni and parent support when it comes to fundraising so coaches and schools know that their money is being well spent, or as we like to think of it, ‘invested’ in a program. The process of having a marketing video done is easy and we work it into your existing schedule and take advantage of events, games, and a programs greatest assets to do something that seamless and portrays the program in an honest and endearing light. Click here to see a sample and feel free to call or email for a consultation or quote regarding this service. 

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