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What Tape?

Posted on October 20, 2010
This card holds over and hour This card holds over and hour

Recently, Automatic Sports added a tapeless workflow option to their services, giving coaches the ability to significantly speed up the process of digitizing footage, creating game DVDs and analyzing a game. An entire football game can now be available on your computer five minutes after an Automatic Sports videographer hands you a compact flash card from one of our recording devices. The process is effective, easy, and extremely fast. Video is stored as data on a small flash card that acts just like a tape, but can be easily stored, erased, and transferred. So far this fall, we have shot dozens of games this way and the coaches are amazed by how fast everything works. We can even shoot in HD to this format! When a team combines this efficiency with our quality videography, they give themselves the tools to take their season to the next level. Call or email for more details