Filming Lacrosse

Filming and editing sports takes experience, the latest gear, and a great attitude. At Automatic Sports, this is what we do.

From the acquisition of footage – in the field or from customers own video – to the presentation of a killer reel, we know what it takes. Over the years, we have delivered thousands of DVDs and online reels to satisfied customers across the country. Our videographers know how to capture the action that is important to each sport and our editors know how to present this material in a way that makes viewers say ‘wow.’

Our years of experience have taught us the value of quality material that is presented in a professional package, on DVD or online. When we talk to coaches and others involved in the training and recruiting process, we hear that a professional highlight reel can have a huge impact on an athletes career. When you work with Automatic Sports, you give it your best shot.


Victor Maddux

Victor Maddux

Director of Sales/Project Manager

Victor formed the Automatic team in 2006, but his love of competition has been a life-long passion. A winner of 9 varsity letters in high school (soccer, wrestling, lacrosse), he continued his playing career at Denison University where he was a two-time All-American and captain of the nationally-ranked lacrosse team. After graduating, Victor joined Madlax, Inc., immersing himself in the day-to-day operations of a large sports retail operation as well as tackling marketing and sales opportunities. 

Luke David

Luke David

Head of Production

Luke has produced and edited documentaries, commercials, and specials for Comcast Sports, Versus, History Channel, and TLC to name a few. In 2006 he traveled to Germany to work for Travel Channel at the World Cup and in 2008, he wrote, directed, and edited “The Morgan Lacrosse Story” which aired nationally on PBS. For 10 years he has studied the technology and practices that bring sports to life. Luke played lacrosse at Bucknell University, serving as captain his senior year.